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customer offer

The EDF Group provides a wide range of gas, electricity and energy eco-efficiency services to more than 39.1 million customer accounts around the world.
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A diverse offer

In our subsidiaries and affiliates in the United Kingdom, Italy, and throughout Europe we tailor offerings to meet the diverse needs of the residential market, small businesses, major companies and local authorities.

In France, we are developing a dual offer – gas and electricity – while providing additional, related services via our subsidiaries.

Bringing eco-efficiency to the customer

To meet the demand for climate and environmental protection, EDF is developing synergies and best practices to provide our customers with innovative solutions to enable them to save energy and reduce their CO2 emissions. Thanks to partnerships set up with experts in the housing and energy sectors, we can give customers full support in their projects.

Furthermore, thanks to partnerships and agreements we have developed energy savings certificates (ESCs), fulfilling the demands of regulations setting EDF the target of saving 30 TWh of cumulative energy consumption between July 2006 and June 2009.

Energy solutions for business customers

EDF provides guidance and support to its professional and corporate customers to help them manage their energy use. EDF does this by working to ensure that economic and environmental energy performance benefits the overall performance of companies and professionals.

EDF sells 10.4 TWh of natural gas and 188.3 TWh of electricity at regulated and market pricesto nearly 1.8 million professional and corporate customers in France (fiscal year 2012).

For residential customers

EDF has nearly 25 million residential customers for electricity and nearly a million customers for gas.

Since 1 July 2007, EDF has had regulated electricity selling prices and offered market-price natural gas and electricity to its residential customers, along side electricity prices.

Since November 2012, EDF has stepped up efforts on behalf of its customers with 9 « engagements EDF & Moi » ("EDF and Me" commitments), which offer residential customers simple, specific, personalised solutions to meet their expectations.

Low-income customers can have social rates for electricity and natural gas as well as free service initiation. At the end of 2012, 1,083,000 households (metropolitan France, Corsica and overseas) benefited from the « Tarif de Première Nécessité » ("greatest need rate") and 57,000 from the special gas solidarity rate.

Tailoring the offer for local authorities

In France, EDF is the partner of choice for local authorities, managing 55,400 customers in this market, which represents 1.2 million electricity sites.

Thus our sales of energy eco-efficiency services in this sector are growing at a steady pace in terms of volume: we have installed photovoltaic in Pérols, heat pumps in Aiguillon-sur-Mer, and centralized technical management at the Pic du Midi, among others.

Taking a closer look