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Optimization & Trading

Because electricity cannot be stored, we must continuously match supply to demand—while ensuring the best possible price. Our optimization activities consist of forecasting our customers’ needs and allocating the necessary short- and medium-term resources (production capacity, long-term procurement contracts, wholesale purchases, etc.) to meet them.
Optimisation engineers 500 optimization engineers manage the drawing up the production means' operating programme

These activities enable us to meet the supply commitments we have made to all our customers, while controlling the risks linked to problems regarding production, consumption or the market, together with their financial consequences. Optimizing EDF's pool of assets helps secure and maximize the gross margin of its "production - marketing" activities.

This is possible thanks to the flexibility of upstream or downstream assets (management of hydraulic stocks, drops in consumption, implementation of shutdowns for power plant maintenance, etc.) and to constant research into the best purchase or sales opportunities on the wholesale markets, via EDF Trading.

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