39 million customers worlwide rely on our energy

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37 millions de clients

EDF Group, World's first nuclear operator

Centrale nucléaire

Activity 2013:
EDF dynamics

Rapport d'activités et de développement durable 2013

EDF R&D priorities


Consolidating a carbon-free energy mix.Planning the electricity of tomorrow. Developing a flexible range of low-carbon energy.

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EDF R&D video

What is the use of Reseach at EDF ?See the video

How it works

Nuclear power

How it works

Fossil-fired power

How it works


How it works


Renewable energies

Hydro, tides and currents, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal…


Because electricity cannot be stored, EDF must continuously supply the right quantity of electricity to meet its customers' needs - at the best price.

Electricity transmission

Since electricity cannot be stored, transmission plays an essential role in supplying our end-customers

Our businesses in 3D

Electricity generation,
innovative products and services,
transmission, and energy trading

Electricity distribution

Several Group companies supply electricity to our customers

EDF at a glance

Businesses, regional offices, subsidiaries and affiliates, etc.

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